Stu Beltz - Hobart to Sydney, yep you read that right! (Blog #5)

December 15, 2014

Finally summer arrived in Hobart, and the last long day of preparations involved pulling everything out, and putting only the checklist items back on board. The thermometer reached 30 degrees for the first time, so to finish around 8pm with a beer and pizza (thanks Andrea and Hutch) was perfect with the backdrop of Mt Wellington on sunset!! Audere left for Sydney Sunday morning - and with a bit of pressure around up the coast it will be a patient ride.   Safe travels to the delivery team!   Cheers, Stu

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Stu Beltz - Night sailing (Blog #4)

December 11, 2014

Practice makes perfect.....   With Christmas and the S2H fast approaching we are all flat out on Audere sorting many many things. Crew drills and practice sessions are being undertaken to hone our teamwork and vital safety procedures.   Cheers! Stu

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